I used to draw energy from crowds


Life before the accident- people were a big deal to me. I felt rushes of energy being surrounded by crowds big and small. One might have accused me of being a “people person.”


It takes so much energy to be around people- which I still like to do- but doing so results in fatigue. Large crowds can cause a multi day headache. Sometimes it’s worth it- now I just have to learn when the tradeoff is important, and factor in recovery time after.

”I long for company- I dread company”

Jennifer is good people though- I am sure she wishes I could safely drive, in order to seek relief from being my constant companion.

Lord knows I get stir crazy being locked up in my 3rd floor tower, descending from upon high for the perpetual therapies.

But hey outings to look forward to:

Psychological battery (seriously a full day of peachy psych and cognitive testing)

And…. the neuro-ophthamologist for specialized glasses.

At least I can get around- some people with accidents like mine are still bedridden and in coma’s. Something to be grateful for I guess.

-Keep it interesting

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