lavender plants among others

Spanish lavender
The days before my accident I planned to acquire houseplants to improve the air quality in our house. The weeks leading up to the accident had brought about my first ever visit to the emergency room- followed up by a diagnosis of asthma. All those years of finding it hard to breathe and no insurance to afford a doctor, no wonder.

One week later- the accident paused life. Even Christmas in some ways seems like it came and I slept through it. Stubbornly believing Christmas was still around the corner in January, I believed it still to be just before December 25th. The tree- the Christmas tree was up through mid February. (don’t judge me- I see you shaking that head)

When I finally got to go plant shopping I selected plants that remove molds, chemicals, and other impurities all the while giving off oxygen (what a thankless job). I also added two lavender plants to my collection. (go trader joes)

Let me tell you something traumatic brain injury exacerbates anxiety by a significant percentage. It’s no joke really-I feel hyped up particularly when things don’t go to plan- like where is the colander? The noodles are ready to be drained- you know because those 10 additional seconds can ruin it all. (the noodles were just fine) Fortunately, lavender plants are natural aides to lower anxiety- totally welcome in this house btw!

Growing lavender inside takes some tender loving care, unless your goal is to enjoy them while they slowly die- then it’s easy peasy. I want them to live a bit longer so the plants needed to be repotted, fed, dying blooms removed. They demand 8 hours of sunlight- though depending on who you read plants post-repotting need rest because they are too fragile for direct sunlight.

I feel some camaraderie, I have light sensitivity requiring I walk around with shades on looking like the coolest cat in the room. (I can still see my shadow in the mirror proof here) Though the amount of looks you get with the shades on are intense.

Working on the plants made me think about all the folks who are tending me- a life sized human shaped potted plant-with feet- and talks. Thanks to Jennifer, Gabby, Phil, Emmalise, UTSW, TX Voices, so many others who’ve cared for me- can’t wait till I’m in bloom!

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