The chair



Katy my physical therapist had me standing in a corner -my arms crossed on my chest focusing on the wall across the room. This exercise was meant to push my vestibular system, push it did. The chair placed in front of me as a fall safe measure became in and of itself a trap. At that moment my neighbors car alarm started blaring- the sounds overwhelmed me sending my brain into a fog. Katy immediately saw my face change and knew there was a problem. I was unable to speak- I knew I needed to sit down- but the chair meant to keep me from falling- became the obstacle I wasn’t sure how to get around.

I thought for a moment- uncertain how to walk now- having to tell my feet to move- but I don’t know how to tell myself how to navigate around the chair. Most people would just push the chair out of the way- but in this state I had no idea how to clear my path. Jennifer’s voice: “push the chair Josh, push the chair out of your way.” Boom- the memory of this simple function came flooding back- I pushed the chair broke free and sat on the couch- thus was the end of physical therapy.

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